Egg Hunts can be BOTH Fun AND Educational

If you ask kids what they know about egg hunt, they probably tell you that their grandparents/parents hide the colorful plastic eggs with candy, chocolate or money in it, then the kids find the eggs to get these things.

Easter Eggs

The Easter egg itself was defined by early Christians as an Easter symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. However, even for a Christian family, they probably celebrate Easter with kids by doing an egg hunt instead of focusing on the meaning of new life.

Some companies take advantage of the popularity of Easter egg hunts to promote sales of their candy and chocolate. Some parents do not like their kids eating lots of candy though, so they put money into the eggs instead. I personally do not like kids to get money simply by finding the eggs without a higher purpose. I am a little crazy about always wanting kids to learn something and helping them grow their intelligence and skills to help them with their lives. The funny thing is that I did not give birth to a kid yet.

This year is the first year we did an egg hunt with my step kids. I would like them to learn something and also have fun. So instead of putting money in the eggs, I put riddles into the eggs. They had to get the correct answer to the riddle in order to get the money. I went on line to search riddles for different ages and picked different type of riddles which I believe help them develop their brain and intelligence.


I used another two techniques to encourage perspective development and collaboration. The first technique was to assign each of them a color for their eggs and I hid the eggs with like color objects. The rule is that they had to look from a different/new perspective to see the egg without moving anything. This was intended to teach them to look at things from different perspectives in order to see things in a new way. The other rule I set is that they could ask for help and the one that helped them also got a point (dollar) instead of both getting nothing for one not figuring out the answer!

They enjoyed finding the eggs, and there was much laughter and creative thinking during the riddle answering when they opened the egg each in turn. At the end we tallied the number of points each earned and translated these into dollars earned, which was greater than the number of eggs (riddles) because they collabroated!

I loved how creative the kids were when they worked on the riddles. For example, one of the riddles is “which letter in alphabetic has the most water?” The answer is C (sea), I laughed so hard when they said it is P (pee).

Pee In the Sea

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